Missing Stories by Emily Visness

Nerdy Book Club

I’ve been a book collector for many years.  My collecting began because I have two children of my own and I wanted them to be surrounded by books in our home since birth.  My obsession with books for kids of all ages enabled me to begin this school year, in my move from special education inclusion teacher to 8th grade ELA teacher, with a large classroom library.   My collection includes picture books, fables, fairy tales in all their forms, poetry, Middle Grade books, YA books, graphic novels, and nonfiction books.  I enjoy talking with my students and other educators about the books that are on my shelves; however, I’m spending some time over winter break evaluating not which books are on my shelves, but by asking the question –  Which stories are missing?

Diverse stories were important to me, at first, because I wanted my own children to learn…

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