Banned Books, Again!

The second half of my banned books photo series was featured last week on Facebook and Instagram, but in case you missed it, here they are!

Day 4


Inappropriate? Sexually explicit? Unsuited to age group? Contains profanity? Unnecessary violence?

Yup. These are excellent Young Adult books that someday my son will be old enough to read. At twelve years old, however, it is my opinion that he’s not quite ready for the mature situations addressed in these books. That is my parental choice to make, but not a choice I’m allowed to make for other people’s children.

In a few years I’ll grant him the freedom to read all these shocking books – he’ll learn from and enjoy the amazing stories contained between their covers. For now, though, a little peek will have to do…

Day 5


How can a book written by a black woman about one black girl’s hair and a historical novel depicting life in the oppressive 1800s South be considered racially insensitive?

Instead, readers could label these books honest, eye-opening, revealing, educational, relatable, or valuable. Readers don’t need a single narrative – they need many stories. Libraries, like public schools, must offer something for everyone, even if a book makes readers uncomfortable.

Often when we’re uncomfortable, we learn and grow. Or, we could just enjoy a really good book.

Day 6


Banned for religious viewpoint? In other words, banned because these books have Muslim characters. However, the Holy Bible is on the top ten list this year of most challenged books, so maybe some people just don’t like any depiction of any religion.

It would be great if, instead, these books were read and appreciated for depicting brave female characters overcoming what is, to most Americans, unimaginable adversity. My kids will definitely learn from the powerful girls in these books!

Day 7


What was that noise?

Was it the rustling sound of someone sneaking up behind you? Or was it the sound of parents challenging a book because they deemed it too scary?

Happy October and last day of celebrating our freedom to read! Here’s hoping, over the next year, you read freely, bravely, and rebelliously (maybe not a real word, but whatever). There was that noise again…I’m not scared, YOU’RE scared…

Thanks for joining us in our celebration of Banned Books Week! 


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