Banned Books!

This week I’ll be sharing a photo series that celebrates banned or challenged books – check out Facebook or Instagram for daily updates, or check back here on my blog where I’ll be posting several days’ worth a couple of times this week.  

Day 1:


Happy Banned Books Week! This year’s BBW is celebrating books by and about diverse and marginalized people, so why not start with some picture books that are sure to broaden a child’s empathy and worldview in truly horrifying ways – such as celebrating a win in civil rights and accepting people for who they really are. It’s shocking, really.

Day 2:



ALL kids can learn an important lesson from a brave librarian in Afghanistan who happens to be Muslim – and that lesson is NOT teaching children to pray to Allah against their Christian parents’ wishes.

Maybe, just maybe, the lesson is that a person who is dedicated to something important, like the preservation of their culture’s literature, can find creative ways to work for a greater purpose. But hey, that couldn’t possibly be this book’s message…could it?

Day 3:


Not all books are formally challenged or banned – some are victims of soft censorship. Dis-inviting authors from school visits and deciding not to order a book for a school or classroom library based on personal beliefs is a violation of children’s right to read freely.

Books with transgender characters or characters fighting addiction may be the mirror or window desperately needed by a child. How dare school district administrators or librarians act as gatekeepers and deny them that opportunity?